The Morris Minor is undoubtedly one of the most loved cars on the road today.
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Morris Minor

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The early morris minor years

Alec Issigonis began the design of the morris minor in 1942. Six years later, in 1948, the moggie was launched at the Earls Court Motor Show. It would go on to have a lifespan of 22 and a half years. If you don't remember the British converting to decimal money you never saw a brand new Morris Minor.
The Morris Minor was built by "morris motors" which was a business owned by Lord Nuffield (aka William Morris). During the development phases the moggie was known as the 'mosquito', Lord Nuffield stepped in and changed the name but on first seeing the car hated it and described it as a 'poached egg'.

The growth of the morris minor

The series MM 1948 - 1953
The series II 1952 - 1956
The Minor 1000 1956 - 1971
 Minor Monthly Magazine
 Morris Minor Owners Club
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series MM
series II
Minor 1000
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